Digitalism – 2 Hearts (Jac Lyde Remix)

September 20th, 2011 by bwen

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ITM – Digitalism Remix Competition

Tower Defense: Lost Earth – iOS game

September 4th, 2011 by bwen

Tower Defence games have always been a favourite game type for me, playing it on all different formats and different versions of the game I would quite honestly say I’ve conquered every version. A friend of mine showed me this new version that was released on the AppStore. Tower Defence is a $0.99 game that runs on all iOS devices as it runs on my iPhone 3G quite well.

Initially when starting the game it was limited to a few towers and went through the introduction stages as most games do, the game had a quick learning curve that wasn’t too hard to pick up though. The differences in this game that appealed to me was that there wasn’t just the usual stop 30 waves of creeps for example, there were ones where you had to survive for 10 minutes, or collect 5000 minerals. This added a different approach to how you built your towers, there were places to mine minerals and attack rocks to obtain bonus minerals also, this gave you the option of risking your towers to gain more minerals or focus more on your actual defence.

There are three difficulty levels and each tower has three upgrades available, not straying too far away from the classic tower defence genre you find yourself progressing through the campaign only to find that there are specific tower combinations and locations to be built otherwise your perfect defence could be penetrated within one wave.

I found myself playing Hard as I liked the challenge and found myself struggling to keep all lives while finishing each level. There are other small quirks such as special power ups e.g. bombing ships, gravity (motion controls on the iOS device) etc.

At $0.99 AUD I would definitely recommend this game as it is probably one of my most played iOS games of all time up there with games such as Tiny Wings, Doodle Jump, Angry Birds etc.

Groove Coaster – iOS game

August 10th, 2011 by bwen

A $2.99 game which were made by the same people who developed Space Invaders. Rhythm games on iOS devices have aways been a bit lacking even the people who brought DDR to this world failed to create a decent game in my opinion.

I saw this game on the AppStore and gave it a download. First impressions were great, had great sound and nice visuals. I played a few levels on normal and found them way too easy, after finishing each level a harder version is unlocked which is much more satisfying. Audio and visuals started becoming better throughout the game as you progress. The main difference between Groove Coaster and standard games (e.g. Tap Tap Revolution) is that it’s not just a vertical scrolling game but the visuals give you an illusion of a 3D scrolling game whilst suiting the music very well.

Controls are very basic just switching between taps, holds, swipes and repetitive taps but it’s the whole game as a package which is makes it a ‘good iOS game’.

There are plenty of achievements which you encounter through progression but I found these the same as any other iOS game, a waste of time. Unlockables on the other hand are something that I unlocked at random during levels, these give you different options such as changing your pointer to different cursors with some having their own little benefits and power-ups (quite a few Space Invader sprites which I found very cool).

I hope this game really takes off and other versions are further released and/or map and song packs. At $3 I definitely think it’s one of the worthwhile games on the AppStore and a definite buy for people who likes rhythm games.

Digitalism – Fritz Mix (ITM-FM) 12-05-2011

June 16th, 2011 by bwen

Digitalism did a special little mix for ITM-FM and I was able to grab a hold of it and listen to again so here it is, link at the bottom for download

01. Metronomy – The Bay / Erol Alkan Remix / Because Music
02. Digitalism – 2 Hearts / Rory Phillips Remix / V2
03. Grauzone – Traum / Ata Remix / Robert Johnson Records
04. Digitalism – The Pictures / Never Released
05. Feadz – Dial / Light Year Remix / Ed Banger Records
06. The Hacker & Geschaffelstein – Embrance / Zone 4 Records
07. Falco – Der Kommisar
08. Digitalism – Gohst Town / Never REleased
09. Falco – Der Kommisar
10. Digitalism – Silenz / V2
11. Foo Fighters – Rope / DeadMau5 Remix / ??????
12. Digitalism – Encore / V2

Exclusive download not found anywhere else, feel free to give me a message if/when the link dies.

Download Here

Brodinski – Essential Mix (2nd April 2011)

April 4th, 2011 by bwen

2nd April 2011 – Brodinski

Download links:

Download @ SalaciousSongs
Download @ FileSonic
Download @


Faith Evans Feat. Puff Daddy – All Night Long
Cam’ron & Vado – Hey Muma
Kelis – What It Is ft Busta Rhymes
David Banner – Play
T.I. – Why You Wanna
Ryan Leslie – Addiction ft Cassie & Fabolous
Lunice – Fancy Forty
Discodeine – Homo
Tal M Klein & Anthony Mansfield – Cankle
The Rejectz – Cat Daddy
Boyfriend – Vodka House
Heartbreak – Dance If You Like
Munchi – Hope
Steve Starks – Fr33ky In The Club
Muffy – Gone Hate
Darabi – Knock Em’ Down
Cosmin TRG – Izolat
Joachim Pastor – Be Organic
Walt J – Reborn 1 (DJ Qu’s Journey Toward Birth Remix)
Maurice Donovan – Satisfied
Kink – Existence
Chromeo – Hot Mess (Djedjotronic Remix)
Psycatron – It Is What It Is
Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin – Mijaouw
Raudive – Here
R*********** & B******* – Steel Brothers
Gesaffelstein – Aufstand
Egyptrixx – Recital
Kidkut – Lilt
Instra:mental – Voyeur
Canblaster – 3rd Ring

French DJ Brodinski throws down an eclectic Essential Mix.

Personally I think this is the best essential mix to date, though we’re only just over three months through the year. Download, have a listen and see what you think.

Kokia – Chouwa Oto – With Reflection (DJSE remix)

March 23rd, 2011 by bwen


“This is a little remix of a Japanese song I like. (it’s the “Origin” soundtrack). It’s inspired by recent event in Japan, I do it just to show support for the Japanese people. Hope you’ll enjoy.”

He offers it as a free 320kbps download, but the Japanese DJ encourages people to donate money to the disaster in Japan which I think is a great idea to raise money for the needy.

Tron Legacy – R3CONF1GUR3D – Coming 5th April 2011

March 9th, 2011 by bwen

Tron: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D (set to come out April 5th) is an album Disney Records is releasing. It has a bunch of artists re-working tracks from the score of the movie done by Daft Punk.


01 The Glitch Mob: “Derezzed”
02 M83 vs. Big Black Delta: “Fall”
03 The Crystal Method: “The Grid/Game Has Changed”
04 Teddybears: “Adagio for Tron”
05 Ki:Theory: “The Son of Flynn”
06 Paul Oakenfold: “C.L.U.”
07 Moby: “The Son of Flynn”
08 Boys Noize: “End of Line (Boys Noize Remix)”
09 Kaskade: “Rinzler”
10 Com Truise: “Enron Part II”
11 Photek: “End of Line”
12 The Japanese Popstars: “Arena”
13 Avicii: “Derezzed”
14 Pretty Lights: “Solar Sailor”
15 Sander Kleinenberg: “Tron Legacy (End Titles)”


Looks to be a cracker and I can’t wait for it to come out in my opinion. Also if you visit their website: and view source, they have done a nice bit of ASCII art of someones face but I can’t make out whom, which is a nice little ‘nerd’ touch they’ve added.

Day 25/26 – Kuala Lumpur

March 9th, 2011 by bwen

Only highlight of this blog entry would be the catching the bullet train to Narita airport, why? The train is nicer inside than any of our Australian planes.

Walking through perfectly clean streets the morning after new years eve celebrations. I do not know how they keep their cities so clean yet there are no rubbish bins anywhere! Me infront of the Hachiko. We weren’t able to grab a photo of this statue previously while we were here because there was always so many people infront of it! If you’re wondering that’s my snowboard wrapped in bubble wrapped by JAL airlines.

The awesome ‘NEX’ bullet train and they even had a place card at the back of each seat explaining each carriage, it such a smooth ride and took us to the airport with ease.

The plane we were about to board, little did we know about the delays that were upcoming. I guess the food they gave us on the flight was pretty good so we were satisfied with that, they even gave us ice cream!

We stayed in a hotel over night in the Kuala Lumpur airport before catching another flight back to Australia, the room was huge, as we were so used to tiny closet sized bedrooms in Japan. The bathroom was bigger than our previous room and bathroom in Shibuya so that was a big smack in the face. The view wasn’t exactly stunning but picked up a lovely sunset.

Day 24 – Tokyo/Akabanebashi

March 9th, 2011 by bwen

Last official day in Tokyo so we thought we would try to do a bit of sight seeing so we caught a train to Aoyama-Itchome then a transfer subway to Akabanebashi where Tokyo tower is. It was the first time catching a subway for us and from the initial expectations we thought would involve lots of pushing and squishing into train carts like sardines as what we have seen on TV and such but it was the complete opposite, quite empty and I’m guessing that’s because of the holiday season and being new years eve and all.

Pictures above is the Oedo line of the Subway we caught and the park map of Tokyo tower

Edit: 9th March 2011 – I totally forgot about this last blog entry that I didn’t end up posting so I’ll try to finish it to the best of my memory.

Knowing that today would be the last day we would get to roam around Tokyo before flying back to Malaysia then heading home we decided to use our JR passes as much as possible and we ended up doing a full loop on the JR line visiting stops throughout the trip.

We ended up heading back to our apartment and decided to pack before preparing ourselves for counting down 2010 and knowing that we have to be out by 10am tomorrow to grab a bullet train to Narita airport.

We didn’t go crazy for new years eve but rather we went to a 270yen bar where we just binged and ordered food that we possibly had interest in and stocked up nicely on beer for the night (cocktails for Chloe). There was an item on the menu that was ‘fried prawn’ after having a few drinks down I thought this was tempura and I was very excited, little did I know. They were prawns with the shells still on just lightly cooked in some sauce. It was a different taste but I guess food is food.

Pictures above show me washing down the prawns with some beer and Chloe getting a bit tired now that we’re reaching midnight.

We didn’t spend countdown in a club/pub/venue but we thought it would be nice to venture the large intersection in Shibuya and see what would be there. Little did we know there was tens of thousands of people there! We were right at the back only coming with about five minutes to go before 2010 was over so I thought it would be a good idea to start a little rolling stampede into the centre of the intersection. Being the polite, conservative Japanese people are they found this to be a bit of a shock with an aftershock of other westerners (who were also a bit rowdy and intoxicated) joining into the fun and having the police try to keep us in line. Not a bad way to bring in 2011 in my opinion!

We made our way home knowing that tonight would be the last night we would spend in Tokyo 2010.

Day 23 – Kawasaki

December 31st, 2010 by bwen

Not leaving our hotel room until well past midday we didn’t get to go to as many places as compared to yesterday. We only went out to grab a bite to each and visit the Parco department store. We found a record store which had quite a few music fliers about what was on for New Years but we’re a bit undecided if we want to go to a night time festival the day before we fly out and also tickets are also quite expensive.

Above shows the local French-style bakery that we have been visiting most mornings whilst we have been in Shibuya. Prices are reasonable and the food is freshly made right before your eyes so it’s been a very busy place even with the locals. The next picture shows the directory of probably one of the biggest shopping centres in Shibuya with five different towers each dedicated to something different and one of those towers is a 9 level car park.

We had a small rest before catching a train to Kawasaki so we could meet up with Ayumi for dinner. Catching two different trains to get there we met up with her quite easily despite not having a phone and just based it on directions we talked about the day before. We had to catch another little train before we could walk to Ayumi’s place. Whilst reaching the last train station we waited for her university friend to also join us for dinner.

We arrived and met her mum who was very welcoming and had already prepared a traditional Japanese dinner for us and there was a lot of preparation involved, we offered to help but she insisted that as guests we should just relax. For dinner she whipped up a small avocado salad for entree and then a traditional Japanese hotpot with a range of new ingredients that we haven’t eaten before such as Japanese beef and Japanese potato. It has been the best meal we’ve had on our trip and it wasn’t something you could buy in the shops. Dessert involved just fresh fruit such as pineapple and strawberries, keeping in mind strawberries in Japan can fetch up to $3-4 AUD each!

After dinner we sat around and had a nice chat just about different Japanese and Australian traditions while her mum cleaned up. The plan after dinner was to get Chloe fitted into a kimono but little did we know how difficult it is to actually wear one. The person who fits a kimono to the girl has to be trained how to do it and classes are required. It’s not something that can be simply worn, it’s basically an art. Ayumi’s mum is still learning so she was happy to try out her skills on Chloe.

The pictures just give a rough idea how the kimono is worn, the undergarment kimono wasn’t worn because it’s quite personal and the bow strap was not completely done up as it can take a long time and might wrinkle.

Pictures above need no caption and the last picture is the very famous intersection at Shibuya and what it looks like at 10pm at night.