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Groove Coaster – iOS game

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

A $2.99 game which were made by the same people who developed Space Invaders. Rhythm games on iOS devices have aways been a bit lacking even the people who brought DDR to this world failed to create a decent game in my opinion.

I saw this game on the AppStore and gave it a download. First impressions were great, had great sound and nice visuals. I played a few levels on normal and found them way too easy, after finishing each level a harder version is unlocked which is much more satisfying. Audio and visuals started becoming better throughout the game as you progress. The main difference between Groove Coaster and standard games (e.g. Tap Tap Revolution) is that it’s not just a vertical scrolling game but the visuals give you an illusion of a 3D scrolling game whilst suiting the music very well.

Controls are very basic just switching between taps, holds, swipes and repetitive taps but it’s the whole game as a package which is makes it a ‘good iOS game’.

There are plenty of achievements which you encounter through progression but I found these the same as any other iOS game, a waste of time. Unlockables on the other hand are something that I unlocked at random during levels, these give you different options such as changing your pointer to different cursors with some having their own little benefits and power-ups (quite a few Space Invader sprites which I found very cool).

I hope this game really takes off and other versions are further released and/or map and song packs. At $3 I definitely think it’s one of the worthwhile games on the AppStore and a definite buy for people who likes rhythm games.