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Day 25/26 – Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Only highlight of this blog entry would be the catching the bullet train to Narita airport, why? The train is nicer inside than any of our Australian planes.

Walking through perfectly clean streets the morning after new years eve celebrations. I do not know how they keep their cities so clean yet there are no rubbish bins anywhere! Me infront of the Hachiko. We weren’t able to grab a photo of this statue previously while we were here because there was always so many people infront of it! If you’re wondering that’s my snowboard wrapped in bubble wrapped by JAL airlines.

The awesome ‘NEX’ bullet train and they even had a place card at the back of each seat explaining each carriage, it such a smooth ride and took us to the airport with ease.

The plane we were about to board, little did we know about the delays that were upcoming. I guess the food they gave us on the flight was pretty good so we were satisfied with that, they even gave us ice cream!

We stayed in a hotel over night in the Kuala Lumpur airport before catching another flight back to Australia, the room was huge, as we were so used to tiny closet sized bedrooms in Japan. The bathroom was bigger than our previous room and bathroom in Shibuya so that was a big smack in the face. The view wasn’t exactly stunning but picked up a lovely sunset.